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We're committed to creating learning products that are safe, beautiful and meaningful for your children. Designed by child development experts, our play products are distilled to their simplest, purest purpose: to be exactly what children need at each stage.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Holiday FAQs

How does the $45 off 3 Play Kits offer work for new subscribers?

I am already a Play Kits subscriber. Can I also save $45 on The Play Kits?

I am having issues with redeeming the holiday offer on my order. Can you help?

The Play Kit Subscription

How does the Play Kit subscription work?

How do you determine which kits are right for my child?

What is the difference between Baby and Toddler Play Kits?

Will my subscription automatically renew?

When do you charge my credit card?

Are the Play Guides written in Australian, British or American English?

Can I buy previous kits that are not in my Play Kit Subscription plan?

Can I purchase just one Play Kit or plaything by itself?

Do I have to return the playthings?

My baby was born prematurely and/or has a different developmental timeline. What date should I enter?

Are the playthings only good for the months indicated on the box?

When should I introduce each of the playthings?

I am moving to Australia. Can I transfer my existing Lovevery subscription to Australia?

How do I skip a Play Kit in my subscription?

I am going away for a few months, can I receive my Play Kits earlier than scheduled?

How do I manage or cancel my subscription?

I bought a prepaid bundle, can I still cancel my Play Kit Subscription?

I canceled my Play Kits subscription. Can I restart it?

Orders, Shipping, and Returns

I did not receive an order confirmation, what should I do?

How do I check my order status?

My tracking number does not work, can you please help me?

How do I apply a discount code or coupon?

When will my Play Kits ship? Can I change my delivery schedule?

When will my order arrive?

How do I change my address on my subscription?

Why is my next Play Kit shipping so soon?

How much is shipping?

Where do you ship from?

Do you ship to New Zealand?

What is carbon neutral shipping?

What payment methods do you offer?

Is my credit card information secure?

Why are the prices different on the US website?

How do I return or exchange my product?

Product Questions

Who are the experts who designed your products?

Are Lovevery products safe for my baby?

Where are Lovevery products made?

When can I start using The Play Gym? What ages are the Play Gym designed for?

How are the Play Kits different from the Play Gym? Is there overlap?

Where can I find assembly instructions for the Play Gym and the Play Space Cover?

How do I store the Play Gym?

I have twins, is the Play Gym big enough for two babies?

Where can I find The Block Set and what ages is it designed for?

How do I clean my Lovevery products?

I lost one of my child’s playthings. Can you help?

General Questions

Where can I buy Lovevery products?

How do I sign up for your emails?

How do I unsubscribe from emails?

How do I retrieve my username and password?

Can my baby become a Lovevery representative?

How do I give an e-Gift Card?

Where do I direct questions, comments or issues?

Cleaning and Care

We get it: messes are just a part of life. Here’s how to clean and care for Lovevery products.

The Play Gym

Cleaning the Activity Mat, Organic Cotton Teething Ring, and Montessori Ball

Activity Mat preparation: Remove any cards from the Learn to Focus Zone and close each of the three corner attachment straps to form a circle (this prevents snagging).

Teething Ring preparation: Untie the Crinkle Teether fabric from the ring.

Machine wash the fabric items using cold water and gentle cycle. We recommend that all fabric items be air dried.

Wood and Plastic Parts

Wipe these with a damp cloth and non-abrasive cleaner as needed.

Play Gym Care

Check regularly to ensure all attachment straps and plastic connection points are secure.

The Play Kits

Cleaning the Organic Cotton Playthings

Machine wash using cold water and gentle cycle. We recommend that all fabric items be air dried.

Cleaning the Wooden or Plastic Playthings

Wipe items clean with damp cloth and non-abrasive cleaner. We do not recommend putting items in a dishwasher or sanitizing device. Please refer to the Materials and Care Guide included with your product for further information.

How to set up your Play Gym

Adding your Play Space Cover

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